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18 Jun 1976 typed letter from Ingo Swann to Marian Pullen, Picture Researcher. J.G. Ferguson Publishing Company in London, thanking her for her letter of 15 Jun, and sending the information concerning Mr. Holroyd’s book. Swann explains that the larger experiment referred to using coordinates was called Project SCANATE. This was a test situation devised by Swann to see if psychic perception responded more easily to abstract targets, as contrasted to physical objective targets. He had great difficulty in gaining the attention of his colleagues at SRI in this project and it was only after prolonged argumentation that Dr. H.E. Puthoff agreed to test this for 10 days. Swann notes that Russell Targ was opposed to this vast experimental situation now known as remote viewing. It bothers Swann that Mr. Targ should get any credit for the coordinate experiment when it was Dr. Puthoff who was the chief researcher who braved the ridicule. He hopes Mr. Holroyd will rewrite this part and make this correction. He goes onto state that since this time, in 1974, himself, Dr. Puthoff and Russell Targ aided in enormous detail and nuances by himself, devised the vast experimental situation known now as remote viewing. Dr. Puthoff is mailing his paper on remote viewing which was just published in the March proceedings of the IEEE Journal. In this report are many photographs of OOBE targets and subject responses. He says he hopes Mr. Holroyd incorporates the information in this IEEE report, since it incorporates four years of significant research and has achieved wide recognition, and controversy. He states Pat Price was recruited by Dr. Puthoff and not Mr. Targ. The work Ingo did on suspended targets with Dr. K. Osis of the ASPR. He states in reading the outline sent by Pullen, he is dismayed often to find science, allegory, history and fictional images, such as the Don Juan stuff, all mixed up in the same book. He states he charges a fee of $50.00 for each reproduction. (two leaves)

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  • 18 June 1976

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