Paula Roberts papers
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Paula Roberts papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: University of West Georgia
Creator: Roberts, Paula
Title: Paula Roberts papers
Dates: 1983-2018, undated
Quantity: 4.94 Linear feet (9 boxes)
Abstract:Papers of New York psychic, Paula Roberts
Identification: MS-0076

Biographical/Historical Note

Paula Roberts is a British-born psychic.

Paula Christina Roberts was born on January 27, 1954 in Middlesbrough in the northeast of England and moved to New York City in 1978. She undertook a course of development at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain in London. Roberts has been featured on television shows, including Unsolved Mysteries, and has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles. Her annual predictions in Cindy Adams's column in the New York Post began in 1986. She has worked as a paranormal investigator with noted parapsychologist Dr. Michaeleen Maher and their work together has been documented in two editions of the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research. She also conducts handwriting analysis, having trained at the American Franklin School of Contemporary Studies with Patricia Marne. In 1996 she was introduced to Ingo Swann by Dr. Maher and conducted an investigation in his home, and later participated in remote viewings with him.

Scope and Content Note

Articles, biographical sketches and obituaries, correspondence, ghost files, notes, photographs, projects, published predictions, remote viewing session files, videotapes, and other materials collected by, or created by, Paula Roberts.


Arranged in nine series: 1. Predictions; 2. Articles (Domestic Publications); 3. Articles (Foreign Publications); 4. Ghost Files; 5. Media; 6. Projects; 7. Miscellaneous; 8. Videotapes; 9. Additions August 2018.

Index Terms

Roberts, Paula

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Paula Roberts papers, Annie Belle Weaver Special Collections, Irvine Sullivan Ingram Library, University of West Georgia.

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

Gift of Paula Roberts, January 2018. Additions received August 2018.

Processing Information note

Processed by Russ Lenox, 2018



Conditions Governing Access note

Open to all users.

Conditions Governing Use note

All rights transferred to the University of West Georgia.

Related Material

Five printed books were separated from Paula Robert's papers and cataloged.

Collins, Patricia. 1996. Psychic New York: a guide to astrologers, tarot readers, psychics, palmists, & numerologists. New York: City & Company. Dee, John, Meric Casaubon, and Edward Kelly. 1974. A true & faithful relation of what passed for many yeers between Dr. John Dee (a mathematician of great fame in Q. Eliz. and King James their reignes) and some spirits: … Glasgow: Antonine Publishing Co. (this volume is number 15 in a printing of 1,000). Flint, Leslie. 1971. Voices in the dark: my life as a medium. London: Macmillan. Harney, Scott. Esoteric guide to New York. New York: Esoteric Guides. Peach, Emily. 1990. The tarot workbook: understanding and using the tarot symbolism. New York, N.Y.: Sterling Pub. Co.

Container List


I: Predictions, 1986-2018



11"New York Post", 1986
2"New York Post", 1987
3"New York Post", 1988
4"New York Post", 1989
5"New York Post", 1990
6"New York Post", 1991
7"New York Post", 1992
8"New York Post", 1993
9"New York Post", 1994
10"New York Post", 1995
11"New York Post", 1996
12"New York Post", 1997
13"New York Post", 1998
14"New York Post", 1999
15"New York Post", 2000
16"New York Post", 2001
17"New York Post", 2002
18"New York Post", 2003
19"New York Post", 2004
20"New York Post", 2005
21"New York Post", 2006
22"New York Post", 2007



21"New York Post", 2008
2"New York Post", 2009
3"New York Post", 2010
4"New York Post", 2011
5"New York Post", 2012
6"New York Post", 2013
7"New York Post", 2014
8"New York Post", 2015
9"New York Post", 2016
10"New York Post", 2017
11"New York Post", 2018
12"New York Post" verified predictions, 1989-2013
13Egyptian Tomb, 1995
14Cable car accident, 1995
15Miscellaneous, 1987-2013

II: Articles (Domestic Publications), 1987-2003



216"Good Housekeeping", 1987
17"Psychic World", 1997



31"Ladies' Home Journal", 1994
2"Cosmopolitan", 2000
3"Dell Horoscope", 2002
4"News of the World", 2002
5"National Enquirer", 2002
6"Seventeen", 2003
7"Gotham", 2004
8"Niagara Gazette", 2006
9"Free Spirit", 1999
10"7 Days", 1989

III: Articles (Foreign Publications), 1989-2002



41"2020", 1989
2"Paula", 1996
3"Globe and Mail", 2000
4"Amica", 2000
5"Esquire" (Japanese Edition), 2002

IV: Ghost Files, 2001-2016



46Correspondence, 2006
7Maria Behr Home, 2001
8General Wayne Inn, 2010
9Diamond Bar Seance, 2016

V: Media, 1991-2014



51"Saturday Night Clive" (BBC Television), 1991
2"News India Times" (AIR-USA Advertisement), 1995
3"O'Reilly Factor", 2001
4"Extra MSN", 2006
5"Daily Mail", 2014

VI: Projects, 1994-2009



56"Foretelling the Future", 1994
7"Visits with Joseph Cornell", 2001
8"Love Letters: The Romantic Secrets Hidden in Our Handwriting", 2002
9"Blithe Spirit", 2009

VII: Miscellaneous, 1983-2018



510Clippings, 1983-2007
11Photographs-"Joe Franklin Show", 1984
12Correspondence, 2002-2004
13Photograph-Ghosts at Library, 2018
14Notes and Pamphlets-College of Psychic Studies, London, 2018
15Media Promo Package, undated

VIII: Videotapes, 1984-2002

Box: 6
Foretelling the Future: Learn the Tarot with Paula Roberts, the English Psychic, 1994 (2 copies)
CNN, 10 September 1993
Cindy Adams, 2 February 1993
Family Talk: Halloween, 31 October 2000
Good Day New York: Haunted New York, Ghost Hands, 30 October 1989
Discovery: W’ton Square Ghost, August 1990
Joe Franklin Show, Paula Roberts, August 1984
NBC News, August 1994
Current Affair, Paula Roberts, 31 December 1987
People are talking: Paula Roberts, 11 March 1986
Fox 5: Good Day NY, Paula C. Roberts (2 copies)
Fox News with Bob O’Brien, Ghost Sightings, 25’47’’, 28 February 1992
Current Affair, 1 July 1991 and Eclipse + D.D., 11 July 1991
Jackie Manson Show 24 November 1992
Good Morning America, Paula Roberts, 1 January 2001 (2 copies)
Bill Boggs Midday Show, 25 October 1983 + J. N. Psychic Detective 10 March 1984
After Hours, 3 October 1995
Live at Five, 24 December 1993
The O’Reilly Factor, Paula Roberts, 2001 (2 copies)
Clive James, 23 November 1991
Fox 5: Good Day New York, 1 February 1989 + John Buchin
Good Day New York, Fox TV, 1 February, 1992
R & R, 23 September 1994 + Roger Rose 31 October 1994
Morning Show, 3 May 1985
Morning Show, ABC Regis + Cathy Lee 1-8, GHAWD: Marcos, 8 January 1986 + Joe Franklin
Current Affair + TNDC, July and August 1991
The English Psychic’ Show tape: Paula Roberts (2 copies)
Strange Dimensions Shows 9 & 10: Paula Roberts and Karl Petry, 20 May 2001
Cindy and China, 16 June 1989 + 17 November 1989, 16 March 1990
Paula Roberts: English Psychic, April 1985 + Rosann 29 April 1985
Beyond, 16 September 2002
Beyond: Van Praagh
Beyond, 25 November 2002 + James Van Praagh
Paula Roberts’ M. N. N. Show, 4 March 1988, 11 November 1988, 29 April 1988, May 1988, 3 June 1988
Paula Roberts’ M. N. N. Show: Ghost Hunts, 25 September1990, 2 October 1990
Paula Roberts’ M. N. N. Show: The English Psychic, October 1984 + Joe Franklin Show 22 February 1985

IX: Audiocassettes/DVDs/Other, 1985-2018



71Audiocassettes, dvds, glass ouija device, 2001-2011, undated
Container 1 holds 3 audio cassettes, 9 mini cassettes, 16 cds/dvds, and one glass with letters which is a type of ouija board.
2Audiocassettes, 1985-1995
Container 2 holds 14 audio cassettes
3Tarot Card decks, undated
Container 3 holds twelve (12) tarot card decks used by Paula Roberts during her career as a psychic.

Additions August 2018



81Butler, Richard - biography
2Cote, Bill - reflections on Ingo Swann
3Durant, Robert (1938-2014) - obituary
4Electronic Skin Resistance Test, 2018
This subject area is also known as Galvanic Skin Response. This experiment dates to 1973.
5Epstein, Jerry
6Flint, Leslie - Direct Voice Phenomenon
7Ghost files - Brooklyn Investigation, 1993
This file contains an essay titled “Quantitative Investigation of a Reported Haunting Using Several Detection Techniques” by Michaeleen Maher, 1993; correspondence with M. Maher; and “Joan Rivers ‘Haunted’ Pad on Market for $28M.”
8Ghost files – Ghostbusters
This file includes DVDs and a description of Paula Roberts’ and Karl Petry’s work.
9Ghost files – Ghostly photographs, 1979
10Ghost files – Joan Rivers’ Haunted Ballroom
11Ghost files - Lake George house, 2018
This file includes photos and a description of the event by Paula Roberts.
12Ghost files - White Hall House, PA, with Joe Hooper, 1995
This file includes a photograph, field notes by Paula Roberts, and written description of the haunting by Joe Hooper
13Goodrich, Joyce (1929-2009)
14Hansen, George P. – Biography and correspondence, 2002
This file contains information about George Hansen and email correspondence between him and Paula Roberts in 2002.
15Higgins, Bill
This file contains an internet Wagcenter article titled, “Capt. Bill Higgins 7 Facts about Barbara Corcoran’s Husband.”
16Houdini, Harry, 1994-2016
This file contains correspondence about a 1994 séance event, newspaper clippings, astrological charts for Houdini, and a copy of Houdini’s death certificate.
17Imich, Alexander (1903-2014) – Obituary
18Joyce, Tom – Biography, correspondence, article, 1989-2018
This file contains Joyce’s biography, email correspondence with Paula Roberts regarding Joyce’s interactions with Ingo Swann, and an article regarding Scientology by Joyce called “Hubbard’s Ladder: The Technology of Transformation,” published in 1989 by Gnosis.
19Keel, John (1930-2009) – Obituary
20Maher, Michaeleen – Biography, article, 2003
This file contains Mayer’s entry in the Biographical Dictionary of Parapsycholog, and an article in the New York Daily News entitled, “THEY LIVE! These scare-free New Yorkers defy bats, crocodiles, poltergeists and stomach-curdling heights just to make a buck” (2003).
21Martin, Sandra – Biography
22Media - BBC Radio “Soundtrack”, 1993, 3 audiocassettes
This file contains audiotapes of “Soundtrack,” recorded on 2/25/1993, correspondence, and Radio Times, February 1993.
23Media – Online, 2012-2015
The file contains correspondence regarding Paula Roberts’ online presence with Howcast (2012-2015) and YouTube.
24Media – Television, 2003-2011, 2 DVDs
This file contains correspondence regarding the television shows as follows: Downtown TV, email correspondence, 2006-2007; Psychic Detectives Psych Out: email correspondence, 2003-2005;, 2011, email correspondence; DVD “What can you expect from a psychic reading?”
25Peach, Emily, 2018
26Pederson, Erik K. - Spirit cartoons
27Photographs – Alex Imich’s 90th birthday, 1993
28Photographs – Andy Kay
This file contains one photo of Andy Kay, George Speck and others.
29Photographs – Christmas Day, 1996
This file contains photographs of Christmas Day, 1996 at Ingo Swann’s home. Appearing in the photos are Elly Flippen, John Flippen, Alexander Imich, Ingo Swann and others.
30Photographs - Colin Wilson book launch, 1996
This file contains photos that include Maurice Bassett, John Keel (“Mothman”), Alexander Imich, Paula Roberts, Ingo Swann, Colin Wilson, Sandra Wright, and others.
31Photographs – Dinner party
32Photographs – Ingo Swann and Bill Higgins
33Photographs – Ingo Swann and George Speck



91Photographs – Ingo Swann and Joanne McMahon
2Photographs – Ingo Swann opening, Oct, 1997
This file contains photos of Carol and Bill Cote, Shala Mattingly, Paula Roberts and Ingo Swann.
3Photographs – Joyce Melton, Paula’s mother
This file contains three photos of a visit by Joyce Melton, Paula Robert’s mother, to Ingo Swann’s home.
4Photographs – Miscellaneous
This file contains photos of Bob Durant, Jerry Epstein, Elly Flippen, Alexander Imich, Paula Roberts, Ingo Swann and others.
5Photographs – Michaeleen Maher
6Photographs – Paula’s birthday, 1997
This file contains a photo of Paula Roberts, Ingo Swann and Sandy Wright.
7Photographs – Paula Roberts
8Photographs – Phyllis Saperstein
This file contains photos that include Bill Cote, Joyce Goodrich, Murleen Ryder, Phyllis Saperstein and others. There are photos of an event called “Wigstock” held at Tompkins Square as well.
9Photographs – Polly Swann and Elly Flippen’s birthday party, 1997
10Photographs – Richard and Beth Butler’s wedding, 2003
This file contains photos of Richard and Beth Butler’s wedding, and includes Tom Bergin, Robert Durant, Paula Roberts, and Ingo Swann.
11Photographs – Sandra Martin
This file contains photos of Elly Flippen, John Flippen, Sandra Martin, and others.
12Photographs – Thanksgiving at Ingo Swann’s, 1996
This file contains photographs of Thanksgiving Day, 1996 at Ingo Swann’s home. Appearing in the photographs are Elly Flippen, Paula Roberts, Ingo Swann and others.
13Remote viewing – Giza – Paula Roberts and Ingo Swann, 1996 Nov. 2, 1996, Nov. 2
14Remote viewing - Little Big Horn, 2006
15Remote viewing – Moon, Ingo Swan, 1997
16Remote viewing - Stacy Ann Pennant, 1995
This file contains correspondence, Paula Roberts’ personal notes, and copies of newspaper clippings about Stacy Ann Pennant, a missing person in May 1995.
17Saperstein, Phyllis (1933-2005) – Obituary
18Speck, George – Biography
19Swann, Ingo - Book inscriptions
20Swann, Ingo – Essay “Remote Viewing versus Telepathic Overlay”, 1996
21Swann, Ingo - Essays
This file contains the following items: An Autobiographical Essay Regarding Psi and Exceptional Human Experience, Ingo Swann, 1994; Various Persecutions of the Superpowers of the Human Bio-Mind, Ingo Swann, 1996 (regarding remove viewing); a flyer advertising The Great Apparitions of Mary, a book by Ingo Swann; and a short biography regarding Ingo Swann and an excerpt of a an article he’s written entitled “The Perils of Erasing Astrology form the Past.”
22Swann, Ingo - Psychic reading, 1997
This file contains a copy of Paula’s handwritten notes of a reading Ingo Swan did for her in 1997.
23Swann, Ingo to Paula Roberts, 1993-1996
24Wilson, Colin (1931-2013) – Biography
25Wright, Sandra – Obituary
26Afterlife – Joyce Victoria Melton, 2018
This file contains an account by Paula Roberts of experiencing her mother and her brother after their deaths.



91A Psychic’s Story, DVD, 2001
2Houdini – VHS tape, 1997
3CNN Houdini - VHS tape, 10/31/1994
4Houdini - VHS tape